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Young people policy

Young People Policy


A young person is anyone under 18 years old. A child is anyone who has not yet reached the official age at which they may leave school, just before or just after their 16th birthday.


Work experience introduces young people to the world of work and is a valuable essential part of their education. We make sure that young people have their health and safety protected while they are with us.


As an employer we will already have to carry out a risk assessment throughout the preschool.


Under health and safety law we assess the risks to young people under 18 years old before they start work/ work experience and tell them what the risks are.


Young people need training when they start a job or work experience. They need to be trained to do the work without putting themselves and other people at risk. It is important that we check they have understood training which covers

*the hazards and risks in the workplace

*the control measures put in place to protect their health and safety

*a basis introduction to health and safety, for example first aid, fire and evacuation procedures


Like when all new members of staff start work at the preschool there is an induction explaining the rules and regulations on what goes on with in the preschool setting. Location of the first aid kit is explained plus the fire drill procedure, as well as manual handling