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This week at Wombatz!

Week commencing 25th June 2017

This half term we’re looking at how things change using our favourite books and stories. This week we’re finding out if there’s room on the broom for a Wombat like me?

The younger children can dress up and play with the dolls. They can build with the blocks and the farm and balance on the giant feet.

The older children can explore capacity with the water, mould the moon sand, play with the knights in the castle and build with the wedgits.

Our adult led activities are:

Younger children morning activity Older children morning activity Afternoon activity
Monday matching pairs footprint painting kebab wands
Tuesday witches hat craft wand craft potion making
Wednesday fruit kebab wands drama broomstick painting
Thursday spaghetti pictures life cycleof a frog witches hat ball throwing
Friday potion making chocolate swamp character counting