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Outdoor Play

Policy statement


We believe that it is important for children to play outside every day. Children’s safety is maintained as the highest priority at all times. As we do not have a secured outdoor area we use the recreation ground for outdoor play and children are monitored closely to ensure that they are safe.  In the unlikely event of a child going missing, our missing child procedure is followed.



  • Before the children go out for outdoor play one member of staff goes out to risk assess the area being used that day. The ground is checked for hazard.
  • An area that the children can play in is defined by cones and this is explained to the children daily before they are allowed outside.
  • Children are counted out by a senior member of staff and the number recorded on a sheet kept by the outside door.
  • One member of staff ensures that they stay by the door and supervise any children using the toilet and that numbers of children using the toilet are monitored.
  • Children who need the toilet during outside play will use the disabled toilet.
  • Children arriving or leaving are added/taken away from the total by the door as they arrive/leave.
  • Children are regularly counted whilst outside to ensure that no one can wander off.
  • Members of staff place themselves strategically to see all points around where the children are playing.
  • If children sit down together they are counted as soon as they sit down to ensure that all children are sitting down.
  • Children will be counted in by one senior member of staff on return to inside play. Staff members will double check the outside area as children come in to make sure no child is lingering outside.
  • A second count will be taken as soon as the children are sitting down as a second check that all children are present.
  • Once it is established that all children are accounted for the record will be wiped clean for the day