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How we learn

Play helps young children to learn and develop through doing and talking, which research has shown to be the means by which young children learn to think.  Our setting uses the practice guidance Early Years Foundation Stage to plan and provide a range of play activities which help children to make progress in each of the areas of learning and development. In some of these activities children decide how they will use the activity and, in others, an adult takes the lead in helping the children to take part in the activity. In all activities information from the practice guidance to the Early Years Foundation Stage has been used to decide what equipment to provide and how to provide it. We provide a wide range of play experiences for your child including

  • role play
  • small world play
  • outdoor play and exploration
  • messy play
  • creative play
  • music and movement
  • construction materials.

Please don’t expect your child to come home each day with beautifully made recognisable art pieces. We allow children freedom of expression and their intrpretation of a fire engine may be completely different to ours!